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Aerial - Lyra(hoop)

Intro Lyra

Instructor: Katrina

Require class: None

Class time : Wednesday 1:15pm

Must have three students for this class to run!

No experience, no problem! If you're interested in aerial arts and looking to build strength, come join us for an hour of conditioning and skill exploration on lyra. We will focus on building upper body and core strength while exploring fundamental lyra skills. If you have your own lyra please bring it in to use, untaped lyras will be provided as needed.

Instructor: Katrina

Require class: 3 months +

Class time : Wednesday 4:45pm

Must have 3 students signed up to run this class!

We will explore low flow hoop sequencing, new skills, strength conditioning and transition work. This class also offers progressions for those looking to advance in their aerial journey.  Please bring your own lyra if you have one, untaped lyras will be provided as needed.

Mixed level Lyra

For all Class attendances

Please Read this before class

  • Make reservation before classes.

  • Minimal three attendance to run

  • Check for cancellations.

  • Wear some type of stretchy pants such as Yoga pants, leggings or capris that do not have any buttons or zippers.

  • A comfortable t-shirt that covers your armpits.

  • Leave your jewelry and engagement ring at home for safety.

  • Bring a water bottle and mask

  • Eat a good meal one-two hours before class.

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