Belly Dance and Sunset Yoga Instructor

“Breath, Movement and Sound ~~

that is the recipe for vitality.”

                             - Shanti Shanti


I’ve come to my practice seeking peace, balance, healing and joy. My practice grants me the release of stress and burdens, allows me to express myself and celebrate my life and my body. I bring my practice to you in hopes that you will find many benefits as well. 


I have been committed to my practice for many years. Belly dance since 2002, meditation since 2007, yoga since 2009 and hoop since 2012. I have taken courses in group fitness, personal training, health coaching and meditation and I am a 500 hour yoga teacher. 


“Now every time I see a strong person, I want to know: What dark did you conquer in your story?

Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.”

                                        - Katherine Mackenett


Aerial Arts Instructor

Becca has been practicing and performing aerial arts for almost 3 years, and she has been teaching for 2 of those years. She has a 10-year background in teaching, performing, and competing in martial arts prior to being introduced to the aerial arts. When she is not flying around in the air, you can find her at home crocheting or tie-dying for her and her husband’s business Lively Vibes. She is enlisted in the Colorado Army National Guard and is currently in school trying to finish her Associates Degree in the Arts. She has a passion for teaching and loves watching her students grow into what she knows they can be.


Pole Instructor

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Bree moved to the Colorado Springs area eight years ago. Bree use to attend college for performing arts but is now studying nursing. 


Pole Instructor

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 Levels 1-8, Chinese Pole, Flowetry, Boudoir Basics, and Workshop Instructor - Certified for Levels 1 - Advanced

​Studio Owner, Krista Mauss, has been pole dancing religiously for a little over 3 years! She thrives on always growing her own skill, in order to bring her students new and exciting pole tricks every week. Come play and laugh with Pole Revolutions newest owner! 

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Spin Pole, Strength and Stretch, and Pole Perfections Instructor |Certified for Levels 1- Advanced

​Mary is certified to teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced students and she teaches our Level 9 & Up class. If you are able to do handsprings and are very comfortable doing shoulder mounts, you are probably a good fit for Mary's class.


Buti Yoga Instructor

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Intro, Levels 1-3 Instructor

Certified for Levels 1-4

​Autumn took her first class back in the fall of 2014 and fell in love with the art and strength of pole instantly. She loves challenging herself and learning classic and newer tricks and making them her own. Autumn always tries to help everyone feel confident in every trick and spin they try! Come have some fun with Autumn!  

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Intro and Level 1 Instructor

Certified for Levels 1-4

​​You will love Cathy's enthusiasm and knowledge of pole. Her patient teaching style will win you over as she feeds your spirit with lots of positive reinforcement! Cathy is certified in levels 1-4 and teaches Intro to pole twice a week. Her love of teaching pole has helped her to excel in her own pole growth and strength! 


Intro, Levels 1-3 Instructor 
Certified for Levels 1-4

​Kiki is a very versatile athlete. Along with Pole Kiki, does roller derby, adult gymnastics, and park skating. Kiki tries to apply different techniques she learns in her other disciplines and brings them to pole. Kiki's classes tend to be more gymnastics based and focuses on flexibility moves. These are great classes to take if you want to learn to embrace your flexible side, learn some new strength moves, or would like to work on handstands/ forearm stands, in addition to your strength moves! Kiki tries to have a lot of fun in her classes and embraces the beauty of pole and its ability to work for every body type! Judgment free zone, love only. Come join Kiki in her fun class! 

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Aerial Arts Instructor


Lindsey moved to Colorado in 2016 and immediately signed herself up for pole fitness, lyra, and aerial silks classes. Pole and lyra quickly beat out most other hobbies and she has not looked back since. From not being able to lift herself off of the floor to being able to aerial invert and reach the ceiling, pole and lyra have changed her thoughts on strength and how to build it. Now she tries to share her love of the aerial arts with everyone she knows and being able to teach allows her to do that. 


Pole Instructor

Stacey is certified to teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. She teaches Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in our curriculum and is available to host pole parties. 

Professional Pole Athlete

Vakiesha, known as “Skittles” in the pole world, began pole dance 10 years ago.  She placed 3rd in her first competition (EMW Trixpert, 2010), was a finalist in the American Pole Fitness Championships (2010), and won 1st Place in Miss Pole Vixen Atlanta (2011).  After a 4 year break from pole in 2017 she returned to her original passion.  She was a guest performer and judge for the 2017 Aspirant Competition and started teaching pole classes again.  She competed in the 2018 USPDF Amateur Division where she placed 3rd and earned “Pro Status”, making her return to the pole world official.  She is excited and motivated to continue sharing her passion with others. Vakiesha has been a certified personal trainer since 2009, she holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and is a registered psychotherapist and addictions counselor.  Her other credentials include; Certified Life Coach, Personal Nutrition Certification, X-Pert Pole Fitness Instructor, Pole Moves Certified Instructor, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, SCW Fitness Pre/Post Natal Certified, ZUMBA, Silver Sneakers, and CPR/AED.