Aerial Hammocks

Aerial hammock is a variation of aerial silks that is not as arm intensive of an activity. Aerial hammock can be executed without any prior experience in any sport or exercise. While in aerial silks you have to hold yourself up, in aerial hammock, it holds you up! This can be a great introduction class if you would like to build up some arm strength before doing aerial silks or other arm intensive activities. Aerial hammock also provides a different skill set that aerial silks cannot offer, meaning that there are lots of tricks we can do in a hammock that we cannot do in silks! In this class we will be focused on exercises, conditioning, skills, stretching, flexibility, and theatrics if you are looking to perform. Recommended clothing for classes are some type of stretchy pants such as leggings or capris that do not have any buttons or zippers, and either a leotard or just a comfortable t-shirt that covers your armpits. Happy flying!

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