What do I wear?


  • For the best grip on the pole, you should wear shorts that are as short and as tight as you are comfortable in.

  • Wear a sleeveless top, tank top or sports bra, and if you're comfortable baring your midriff, that will help you.

  • Body jewelry is okay, but no rings on fingers or watches or bracelets on wrists, please, as they can scratch the poles and give you painful blisters.

  • Make sure you don't have any lotion on your hands or legs. 

What do I wear?


  • Bring sexy shoes if you have your heart set on it - make sure to let your instructor know. Otherwise, we'll be barefoot.

  • Don't come for your lesson on an empty stomach. A few extra carbs before your lesson will help.

  • A water bottle - drink a lot of water. It is one of our mantras: "Drink your water." 


What do I wear?


  • All ages are welcome at Pole Revolution!

  • Anyone that is under 18 years of age will be required to have a parent  or legal garden sign our release waiver. 

  • All new students are required to fill out a waiver before they begin classes.

What do I wear?


  • We accept all levels at Pole Revolution and regularly have classes for each of them.

  • Currently we have 15 levels but we are always adapting to meet the needs of our more advanced students

  • We require that all new students take our Intro to Pole Class, unless they have prior Pole experience.

Cancellation Policy: We have a six hour cancellation window please cancel your reservation prior to the 6 hours before your class to have you class refunded to your account.
*If you have previous experience from another location, please contact the Pole Rev phone @ (719) 433 - 6616 with your skill level so we can place you in the appropriate class.