Tricks Mastery Class with Autumn 

Students wanting to try a new trick but don't know where to start, and students working to master certain tricks are encouraged to try this class with Autumn!


Any level trick or spin, Autumn will help students figure it out. This class is a pseudo-open pole class. She will be going around to see what students are wanting to work on and she will provide help whenever needed.

Pole class Diane.jpg

This class is for all levels, but students must have taken at least one Intro to Pole class at Pole Revolution before taking this one. 

Diane will use the first 30 minutes of class with a warmup and then will teach specific skills for the routine students will learn for the next 30 minutes. The last 20 minutes of class will be spent writing a bit of a group routine and cooling down.

Pole Choreo Workshop
With Diane and Amara

October 1 (D)

October 8 & 15 (A)

October 22 (D)

October 29(D)

November 5(D)