Intro and Beginner Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Intro and Beginner Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
Intro and beginner lyra is all about building the foundations and learning a variety of moves that can be connected together in different sequences to build a routine. While learning these fundamentals we will also be working on building the strength and flexibility to advance to more difficult moves. Calf length or longer leggings/ pants with no zippers or buttons and a t-shirt is recommended for attire. 

This class is designed for those who have successfully built up a core set of basic skills and can invert on a hoop without assistance. 

Low Intermediate Lyra

The focus of this class will be less on learning new tricks and more about learning how to string together what you already have. The goal will be putting together moves you already know smoothly and making seamless transitions from one move to the next. No intro Students.

Friday Lyra Flow

Aerial Conditioning

Using silks, a hammock, and a lyra we will be focusing on building both the strength and flexibility to help advance you in your aerial classes. In this class we will be using the apparatuses to build core and upper body strength followed by flexibility work both on the floor and in the air. No previous aerial experience required. 

Drop In Choreography Lyra

This class is all about stringing moves together and finding your flow! Each week we will spend the first half of class learning a sequence that I instructor Lindsey has put together. The second half will be spent working on building your own unique mini sequence. Previous Lyra experience required to take this class.

Choreography 6 Week Lyra Series

Must have a minimum of five skills for this class. We will start with finding a song that you wish to perform to and building building a routine around it. Character development, flow, and movement will be the focus of this class as well as learning transitional moves to string everything together. 

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