Intro & Level

This class combines the Intro class with the Level 1 material.


It's perfect for the first-time student, or the student who has taken the Intro class and wants to repeat it or wants to bring a friend, or the Level 1 student who doesn't mind reviewing the basic material.


First-time students will get the full Intro lesson; Level 1 students will also learn some new skills at their level.

Intro & Levels
1 & 2 & 3

This Class is a combo class! Intro students can come play with level 1-3 students.


Intro students will learn the very basics while levels 1-3 students will go over more difficult variations. 

Group Class Levels
 1 & 2 & 3

This class combines skills from levels 1, 2 and 3.


That's a big span, we know. Some of you won't be inverting yet; some will.


Some won't be using spin mode yet; some will. But we're up for the challenge!


Are you?

Group Class Level
2 & 3

If you've passed Level 1, you may sign up for this class.


In Level 2, you'll add to your skills and begin to invert.


In Level 3, you'll learn even more skills and some basic inverted holds.


There are routines in each level, and you'll learn some fun ones in this class!

Group Class Level
4, 5 & 6

If you have passed Level 3 in our curriculum, you are welcome to participate in this class.


We'll be working on intermediate-level inverts and tricks, and we'll work on more challenging routines that incorporate your skills and stamina.

Group Class Level
6, 7 & 8

This class is for our advanced students who are comfortable doing scorpio, gemini, jasmine, layback, and at least working on butterfly and extended butterfly.


If you've been working through our curriculum, you must have completed Level 5 to sign up for this class.

Twisted Pole Monday

Lets see how twisted we can get! This class focuses on inverting and twisted holds that will challenge your strength and flexibility. 

Couples Night

Looking for a new kind of date night?
Join us for Couples Night. Whether it's about trying something new, showing off your skills, spending time with one another or looking to make new friends, this one-of-a-kind class provides all of these while focusing on couples fitness The instructor has packed this class with lots of pole moves oriented for men, women, and doubles! 
No experience is necessary. Just come prepared to have fun while working out!

Intermediate Spin, Combos & Flow

Prerequisites: Must be able to hold a pole sit, climb, and be able to invert.


Join Mary and learn to fly!  In this class we will learn how to spin with ease and fluidity by covering foundational spin pole technique, building strength, endurance and conditioning for spin, learning speed control, and taking our pole skills to new heights.  This class welcomes many levels of pole as combos will be adapted to suit the needs of the students. Students are encouraged to take the pole off spin at any point if they experience nausea.

(Required Level 3 or higher)

Love gymnastics? Want to love pole and gymnastics?! This is the perfect class for you! Learn handstands, forearm stands, hand balancing, back bends, and other gymnastic focused moved on the pole!

Contemporary Pole
Coffee and Stretch

Wake up with some awesome stretching and some pole flexibility moves while enjoying coffee! Sponsored by Inertia Coffee! 


In this class, Krista will teach you a full dance to a song.


She will teach dances she creates, as well as dances created by other pole artists!


This is not a "series" class, so feel free to sign up any time. She'll tailor each class to the skill levels of the students who are in class that day!

( All levels after Intro) 

Feel sexy and free with Krista in this class! Bring a pole set of heels and floor set of heels.  This is an all levels class designed for our beginner high heel lovers to our most advanced! Guaranteed to make you feel beautiful in your own sexy skin! 

(All Levels)

Sexy Heels


Flowetry rhymes with poetry, and that's what your moves will look like after you take this specialty class with Krista a few times. Krista offers this class to students in all levels, as long as they have taken one Pole Intro class. This class is designed to help students who want to master the art of pole freestyle, or work on their dance technique. Not only will you leave class feeling sexy, loose, and liberated; you will also learn to connect moves fluidly using floor space, wall space, and the space around your pole. You will not be inverting in this class; nor will you be moving up in the levels of our curriculum. But your transitions and flow will become the very best, the most beautiful, they can be.

( All levels after Intro) 

This class is designed to help build your strength for pole and improve your flexibility.


Pole specific strengthening exercises and flexibility work will directly translate in improved pole skills. 

(All Levels)

Strength & Stretch


In this class you will learn how to incorporate pole dancing with rollerskating


You will need an indoor set of outdoor jelly wheels and bearings! The outdoor wheels are very gentle on the floor so we would like you to bring in a set that can be designated for indoor use. We will have skate covers for your skates to protect any metal on you skates, again, please make sure you only use indoor designated outdoor jelly wheels and bearings,


If you need any help getting wheels please contact Kiki Dickie.

Intro to Pole 6 Week Series

In this 6 week progressive series you will go through all the fundamentals of the beginning steps to being a rock star pole dancer. Go over all the steps to become a well rounded pole athlete and end the series feeling fabulous while also advancing to a new level!

Intro and Beginner Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Intro and Beginner Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
Intro and beginner lyra is all about building the foundations and learning a variety of moves that can be connected together in different sequences to build a routine. While learning these fundamentals we will also be working on building the strength and flexibility to advance to more difficult moves. Calf length or longer leggings/ pants with no zippers or buttons and a t-shirt is recommended for attire. 

For a full, comprehensive and current class schedule, check the Wellness Living app or schedule page

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