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Class Categories


Pole Classes

Leveled Classes:
Intro to Pole 
Beginner Levels:
1, 2, 3

Intermediate Levels:
4, 5, 6
Advanced Levels:
6, 7, 8 +
Heels Classes:
Heels Choreo
Exotic Flow
Low Flow Pole
Heels Basics & Combos
Other Pole Classes
Open Pole
Abs, Ass, & Pole

Pole Silks*
Fly Pole*

*cannot use Unlimited Memberships to pay.

Aerial Classes

Lyra Classes:
Foundations of Lyra 
Mixed Level Lyra
Hammock Classes:
Intro to Hammock
Mixed Level Hammock
Silks Classes:
Foundations of Silks
Mixed Level Silks
Aerial Yoga Classes:
Aerial Yoga
Restorative Aerial Yoga
Other Aerial Classes:
Open Aerial Fly Time

Non-Aerial Classes

Yoga Classes:
Meditation & Yoga
Restorative Yoga

Raqs Asana
Candle Glow Flow
Dance Classes:
Belly Dance

Sensuality Dance
Dance Fitness
Other Non-Aerial Classes:
Flexibility, Balance, & Mobility

Specialty Classes

These classes are bookable by all students, with either Aerial and Non-Aerial class packages or memberships.
Specialty Classes:

Chair Dance
Liquid Motion

Flow Dance
Hula Hoop

Scheduling Policy

  • All class registrations will be done through the Wellness Living website or app at least 2 hours prior to the start of class. 

  • Class cancellations must be made at least 6 hours prior to the start of class, otherwise you will be charged for the class or Unlimited Membership holders will be charged a $7 fee to pay the instructor. This policy is held in place to avoid spots being taken from other students. We understand there are unavoidable emergencies and will review by case, please communicate with us when possible. 

  • Instructors will contact you if class is canceled for any reason.

  • Please refer to the FAQ page for more details on studio policies.

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