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In this class you will learn how to incorporate pole dancing with rollerskating


You will need an indoor set of outdoor jelly wheels and bearings! The outdoor wheels are very gentle on the floor so we would like you to bring in a set that can be designated for indoor use. We will have skate covers for your skates to protect any metal on you skates, again, please make sure you only use indoor designated outdoor jelly wheels and bearings,


If you need any help getting wheels please contact Kiki Dickie.

Intro to Pole 6 Week Series

In this 6 week progressive series you will go through all the fundamentals of the beginning steps to being a rock star pole dancer. Go over all the steps to become a well rounded pole athlete and end the series feeling fabulous while also advancing to a new level!

Intro and Beginner Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Intro and Beginner Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
Intro and beginner lyra is all about building the foundations and learning a variety of moves that can be connected together in different sequences to build a routine. While learning these fundamentals we will also be working on building the strength and flexibility to advance to more difficult moves. Calf length or longer leggings/ pants with no zippers or buttons and a t-shirt is recommended for attire. 

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