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Pole Revolution is proud to offer a variety of classes including: Pole, RollerPole, Aerial Yoga, Silks, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Hammocks, Yoga, Chair Dance, Twerk, Burlesque, Fly Pole, Pole Silks, Meditation, Liquid Motion, Hoop Flow Dance, Belly Dance, and so much more.
We're sure to have something for you!

Our Philosophy


No one should leave feeling like the "dunce of the class" or believing they cannot learn a new workout.

All of our instructors will help you know that you are a success!

Most of us will probably never enter a competition.

We're about having a good time in a safe environment, about getting a little better every day, and about living out the potential that's in each one of us.


We're not about competition.


That's what matters within the Pole Revolution family.

Come and join the revolution!

"We're not in it to show each other up; we're in it to build each other up."

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